Monday, August 8, 2011

An Inspirational Message for a Friend

I know there are times in life that you feel
as though you can't do anything right.
You never seem to be able to please anyone
and everyone around you seems to always be going against you.
You may feel stupid, unworthy, and even unloved.
These feelings may lead you to hate yourself or those around you.
Hate leads to nothing but pain.
Pain only causes more pain and nothing good comes of it.
Remember you have a choice in life.
You do not have to choose pain.
There are better things in life to choose from.
First, let me thank you for being here.
I appreciate everything you do
even when it you have made a mistake.
I know you’re learning, and learning is always good.
You do not have to try and please me.
I will always be there for you,
in good times and in bad.
Remember, do not try to please everyone,
this is a losing battle.
You have a big heart and this is why things bother you.
Your heart is what makes you so special;
never lose your heart to another.
Keep a bit of it for yourself.
Know that I will always love you even when you hate me.
I know you are passionate, and that is something I respect.
Just don't hate me for too long.
You are not stupid. If you make a mistake it is ok.
I know you will learn from it.
Stupidity only comes when you refuse to learn.
I have faith in you. I know you will learn.
You are worthy of everything life has to offer.
Take advantage of this,
because life is there for the taking.
Most important of all, remember I love you.
Why you ask? Because my dear you and I are one,
just look in the mirror.

by Rita Collins


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