Wednesday, October 6, 2010


People of God, look up and say:
"Why am I here? What's my job? What's my goal?
You are from God, not only clay;
You are a person with body and soul.

If pride you'd have, God you'd forget,
when you do strive to be great, aim too high.
Greatness will fade, you'll soon regret,
sooner or later you're going to cry.

You may be blind, begging all day.
Mission each one has a job to be done.
You are a man, get up and pray.
Do you not know, you're part of God's plan?

Famine and war, sickness and death,
suffer we all, every person on earth.
Keep this in mind, Christ is with us!
He is the Healer, the Victor, the Lord.

You are never forsaken
like the sparrows all over the sky.
You may be badly bedridden,
yet trust and you'll never die.


  1. Sister Sheena: I'm glad you enjoy my pictures. About copying my photos: Thank you for asking (I take it as a compliment), but I would prefere if you visit my blog for watching, and not copying - Thank you for understanding.

    I'm looking forward to my next visit on your blog.

    Nice picture and words today

  2. love the words - did you write them? Judith (Judith's Poetry Corner)

  3. Hello I also LOVE this very much...
    it's a religious song...
    that touches my heart...
    God bless...
    Have a wonderful day...

  4. Dear Rev. Sister Sheena ...I am glad you choose a good path to preach bible. God bless you in your good work and enjoy in his world.Need help in Sri lanka refugees suffering in North,because of war.Specially ladies and girls. Can your community go there and help. Please consider this and do somthing for them. Nilaamathy