Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Duty!!!


  1. ...that's true.. but sad to think... many forget or ignore those simple obligations... have a blessed Sunday to you!!!:)


  2. the video of your post is very moving, thanks sister Sheena

  3. Hi Sister Sheena. The first reason I stopped by is because I looked at your picture on my "follower's widget, and the thought came to me that you need a hug for some reason today. I try to follow God's lead. SO..... Here's a BIG BEAR HUG FOR YOU! If I could download a picture I would. I wanted to listen to your video, but my satellite connection is acting up and causing havoc with downloading anything or listening to videos.(it took 10 minutes to connect with your blog!) I will definitely come back to it. When the "overcast" is gone and I get full signal. I also loved the poem below. People need to understand that God is the provider. He will supply all their needs. Money is fine, but when it starts taking over your life, it becomes a god to you. The more you make the more you want. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. It seems like we're worshiping the creation instead of the CREATOR. When are people going to realize that this is not going to get them into heaven? I don't care how much money a person makes, or even whether they pay their tithes and Give Back To God, if they start spending more time "making money than they do worshipping or living for God they are in trouble(yes, I know that it says in the Bible that if people don't pay tithes that they are "robbing God", but I'm trying to make another point) Sorry about getting on my soap box. It just troubles me about the priorities which people are placing out of order. God never said we couldn't make money after all, he created it. He just said the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil. Part of which is spending too much time about it and not enough time about God. OK, I'll step down now. LOL! Thank you for posting that poem. Would you allow me to copy it? That would be a good thing to get a discussion started on my blog frog community.

    God Bless,